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How to View Webinars

Videos can be viewed by applying credits. Sessions range in cost from 10 to 20 credits.  One-hour webinars generally cost 20 credits, while 20- to 30-minute sessions cost 10 credits.

The cost per credit is one dollar ($1.00) per credit up to 39 credits. Or purchase in increments of 40 credits to save $10 per bundle. 40 credits for just $30.00. 

Please note: You must be logged in to purchase credits.

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Teacher Training Information

Our accelerated online training sessions will provide you with cutting-edge strategies that will have an immediate impact on your instruction. You will learn powerful, yet practical techniques for improving instruction and raising the bar for student achievement. An informational handout will accompany each session, whether you choose an accelerated 20-minute session or a comprehensive 1-hour webinar.


Please note: Once you have purchased a video session (or applied credits to a session), you will have up to 24 hours to view (or finish viewing) the video. There are NO refunds on partially viewed video sessions, so be sure you have enough time to watch the session before you apply credits.